Bathroom Safety

Types of Bathroom Safety Equipment

Walk-In Shower

Options such as barrier free and curbed/low-threshold.


Convert your bathtub into an economical walk-in shower.

Grab Bars

You’ll be more confident in keeping your balance while standing in your bathroom.

Comfort Height Toilets

Also called “chair height” toilets.


Bidets provide a quick and easy way to clean yourself after using the toilet.

Vanity Adjustments

Your vanity can be raised, lowered, or swapped out with a variety of options.

If the word “slippery” comes to mind when you think about your bathroom, you’re not alone. Fall prevention strategy is our focus.

Using showers, baths, sinks, and toilets is something we do every day, so bathrooms ought to be one of the safest places in your home.

There is a wide variety of equipment and materials that can make your bathroom safer, less worrisome. Whether you are reaching, bending, sitting or stepping, maintaining your balance is important to your overall health and confidence.

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The Benefits of Bathroom Safety Equipment

Prevent Falls. Provide Confidence.

As one of the most necessary and frequently used rooms in a home, bathrooms need to be a secure environment no matter the situation. Bathroom safety equipment gives you both physical protection and peace of mind.

Bathroom safety equipment provides an extra level of support for ensuring your well-being. Non-slip surfaces and grab bars alone can make a dramatic difference in your ability to maneuver your bathroom.

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We care about your safety and well-being, and it’s our genuine pleasure to assist you!