Living with a disability can certainly be a daunting challenge for most people. Thankfully, we live in a day and age when numerous companies manufacture products that help people with disabilities live in their homes with independence, mobility, and dignity.

At Omicelo Health, we care about helping people age in place in their own homes and communities because we know that it improves one’s quality of life and health.

Accessibility Items for Preventing Falls

Injuries from slipping, tripping, and falling are the number-one hazard in private homes. Between slick bathroom tiles, greasy kitchen surfaces, and clutter in the walkways, it’s almost as if the house is trying to trip you! (Just kidding!)

Fall injuries are no laughing matter, however. It’s very important to “slip-proof” your home, and here are a few essential items for the home to help you do it.

Non-Slip Mats

When installing non-slip flooring isn’t possible because of budgets or other reasons, non-slip mats provide an affordable solution. A wide variety of mats are available, including pre-sized mats and dispensable rolls of non-slip mat material. Use them anywhere in the house where extra foot stability is needed such as in bathrooms, kitchens, or garages.

Grip Tape

This handy, super-grippy product can be applied to any commonly used item that can easily be dropped such as phones, tools, or kitchen utensils. It’s also helpful for items that can be difficult for weak hands to hold onto such as door knobs. Grip tape is flexible, ultra-strong, waterproof, and durable. 

Grab Bars

A real lifesaver, grab bars can be installed anywhere in the house where one needs extra stability for walking and maneuvering. Grab bars are commonly found in residential bathrooms, hallways, stairs, the kitchen, and laundry rooms. We recommend getting them professionally installed to ensure maximum steadiness.

Shower Chair

Sitting is almost always more stable than standing, especially where there are slippery surfaces such as showers. Lightweight yet highly sturdy shower chairs make bathing easier and safer.

Accessibility Items for Reaching and Grabbing

Jar & Bottle Openers

Not being able to open a jar of jam or a bottle of medicine can be very frustrating. Fortunately, you can find various products that make opening jars and bottles much easier. Usually made of rubber or other grippable synthetic materials, these inexpensive accessories are a must-have for any home.

Door Knob Grips

Many hardware stores and medical supply shops offer a range of products that make opening doors — including cabinet, closet, and interior doors — easy and painless. Doorknob adapters, key turners, and other handy lever-style products are available. 

Foam Grip Tubes

You can use these soft, easy-to-grasp tubes with a wide variety of home objects such as toothbrushes, razors, eating utensils, pens and markers, knives, or other hand-held items.


It’s always best not to reach too high, too low, or around objects that could cause a fall or muscle strain. Grabbers are an essential tool for making your home more accessible while keeping yourself or your loved ones able to live independently. 

Assistance for Sitting and Standing

Many people with disabilities know how difficult — and painful — it can be to perform the simple acts of sitting or standing. One great way to make these actions easier is with products that raise the height of chairs, toilets, and other household furnishings. Here are a few items that you may want to consider.

Furniture Raisers

Typically made of durable rubber, these simple products are placed on the bottom of chairs or furniture legs, adding 3 to 4 inches in height to the seat. They’re relatively affordable, too, making them extremely helpful for people with disabilities to continue to enjoy their homes. 

Toilet Seat Risers

You can find numerous options for raising the height of your toilet seat, from elevated replacement seats to entire toilets. 

Thick Cushions

Comfortable yet firm, memory-foam cushions can raise seats 2 to 4 inches. When shopping for seat-height options, be sure to look for cushions designed specifically for accessibility and will remain in place while in use. 

Accessibility In the kitchen

While the kitchen is one of the most often used rooms in the home, it can also be a source of frustration for those with disabilities. Here are a few helpful accessories that can make cooking and eating comfortable, safe, and even fun. 

Adaptive Dishes and Utensils

Made from materials that are easy to hold, adaptive dishes and utensils are designed to make it easier to make and eat food. From plates and bowls to knives and cups, you can find a wide assortment of kitchen tools and accessories.

Non-Slip Adhesive

Non-slip adhesive can be applied to the bottoms and sides of cups, bowls, and other items to help them remain stable while on the move. 

Accessibility Items for Daily Living

Many of the items on this entire list could be considered useful for daily living, but these are a few items that don’t fall neatly into the other categories. 

Touch-Free Light Switches

A well-lit home is a safer home. Make it as easy as possible to keep the lights on with touchless light switches, including models with motion sensors or timers. 


There may be times when you aren’t in the same room or you can’t speak loudly.  You can think about bells/alert sounds to let someone know you need to talk or could use assistance.  

Smart Devices

Although a pricier option, smart devices are outstanding tools for making daily living easy and safe for people with disabilities. Operated either by voice, remote control, or smartphone app, these devices range from lighting and fans to kitchen appliances, garage doors, and heating and air conditioning. 

Questions About |Accessibility Items for the Home?

You can always contact your friends at Omicelo Health whenever you have questions about accessibility items for the home. We’re experts on home modifications that make the home safer for those living with disabilities, and our team is happy to guide you through the selection and buying process. 

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