General Construction

Types of General Construction

Door Widening

Door widening, automatic door openers, adjusting light switches.

Non-slip Surfaces

Minimize your chances of falling by installing non-slip surfaces in your bathroom.

Countertop Heights and Accessible Shelving

Sometimes counters need to be raised, lowered, or replaced.

Wholesale Remodeling

General remodeling in order to ensure a safe and accessible environment in your home.

Universal Design

Built in consideration for all the types of people — every age and ability.

We’ll build your home modifications according to the best standards.

Any project that doesn’t fit other home modification categories (such as stairlifts, ramps, or bathroom safety) falls into the “general construction” group of projects. This includes door widening, countertop height adjustment, accessible shelving, and wholesale remodeling.

Omicelo Health incorporates universal design principles into our home modification projects.

Lets Get Started

As a full-service provider, Omicelo Health can manage initial consultation through installation.

Confident Modifications

No matter what type of project we help you with, we’re committed to providing high-quality work you can feel confident about.

If you believe that your home could use some construction modifications to ensure your safety and mobility, or if you’re unsure which category your renovation project may fall into, just contact us.