Outdoor platform lifts help create an inclusive environment for individuals with mobility challenges. By installing a lift at home, people can navigate spaces outside independently.

What should you know when considering adding a lift to your home? Let’s take a closer look at outdoor platform lifts, including the different types, benefits, and installation tips.

What Is an Outdoor Platform Lift?

An outdoor platform lift is a safe and effective way to access areas outside with an elevation change. This type of accessibility equipment can help individuals with mobility challenges spend time enjoying outdoor spaces at home, such as porches, decks, and pergolas. 

Types of Outdoor Platform Lifts

The following lifts are suitable for outdoor use.

  • Unenclosed platform lifts are usually compact with an open design. These are more suitable where weather exposure may not be a significant concern.
  • Inclined platform lifts, such as outdoor stair lifts, are designed to move along a rail attached to the stairs. They are ideal for locations with little space for a vertical platform lift.

Benefits of Outdoor Platform Lifts

There are many advantages to installing a platform lift in a residential property or business. 

Weather Resistance

Outdoor platform lifts can withstand the elements, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. They are built with materials and finishes that resist corrosion due to exposure to various weather conditions. 

Platform Safety Design

The lift will have a sturdy platform that can safely support a wheelchair or other mobility device. A platform may be enclosed by barriers and gates to ensure the individual’s security during transportation. 

Enhanced Features

There are various safety features with a lift that ensure the well-being of users. Features can include sensors to detect obstructions, emergency stop buttons, and interlocks to secure the platform during use. 

Simple Controls

Outdoor platform lifts typically have user-friendly controls, such as a push button or key-operated switch to make it easy for individuals with limited mobility to operate the lift independently.

Installation Options

There are different installation options to meet property structures and budgets. The installation process consists of securing the lift to a stable foundation to ensure proper alignment for safe and efficient use. 

Installing an Outdoor Platform Lift at Home

When installing a platform lift at home, you can find peace of mind knowing manufacturers carefully follow compliance and regulation standards. This ensures the lift meets industry expectations and local building codes to provide users with a safe device. 

Lifts can also be customized to a home, depending on the user’s specific needs and the installation location. There are different platform sizes, finishes, and additional features to meet the needs of users. 

Accessibility Solutions From Omicelo Health

Omicelo Health is here to help you find the best outdoor platform lift for your space and budget. Our mission is to offer accessibility solutions to help people live life to the fullest. We support people, families, and communities by providing the devices for aging in place. 
If you have any questions about installing a lift in your home, our team is here to help. At Omicelo Health, we’re always happy to talk with you and help you gain peace of mind for accessibility solutions at home.