For senior citizens, installing grab bars in the home can be a great way to increase safety, improve mobility, and reduce the risk of injury. These days, homeowners have countless options for making their homes safer and more secure, including numerous budget-friendly choices. 

Grab bars are an inexpensive and often overlooked way to make home environments safer and easier to navigate for those with mobility issues. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of installing grab bars, how to install them, and tips for doing it yourself or professionally.

Benefits of Installing Grab Bars

The primary benefit of installing grab bars is increased protection for senior citizens and others with accessibility needs in their homes. Here are a few of the key benefits you can expect from installing grab bars in your home: 

Prevent Injuries

Properly installed, grab bars provide a secure handhold that can support weight and provide stability, grab bars can help prevent falls that can lead to serious injury. Grab bars also reduce the risk of injury from slips and trips caused by wet or slippery surfaces. 

Increased Mobility

Grab bars can make it easier for elderly individuals to move around the home without assistance, helping them maintain their independence. By providing a secure grip, grab bars help senior citizens keep their balance when navigating various obstacles in the home such as stairs, thresholds, and uneven flooring. 


There’s probably no other home safety modification that’s more versatile than grab bars. They provide endless options for ensuring maximum movement throughout the home. They can be installed in any area where there is a risk of slipping or tripping, such as bathrooms, kitchens, doorways, garages, hallways, bedrooms, and even patios and decks.


Grab bars come in a huge variety of sizes and styles for under $15 for a pair, making it easier to install them throughout the home, if needed. Even high-end models can be purchased for less than $30. 

How to Install Grab Bars

Installing grab bars is relatively simple and can often be done without professional assistance. Keep in mind, however, that grab bars MUST be installed properly for them to be considered genuinely safe.

Here are some step-by-step instructions for installing grab bars correctly:

  1. Choose an appropriate location for the handle. Grab bars should be installed on walls or other vertical surfaces that are strong enough to support the weight of the user. It is also important to consider reachability when selecting a location for the handle—it should be installed within easy reach so that it can be used for support and balance.
  2. Mark the location for the handle on the wall using a level and pencil. Make sure the handle is positioned at a comfortable height for use by elderly individuals.
  3. Drill pilot holes into the wall at each end of the handle’s mounting bracket. Make sure that the drill bit is the same size as the screws that will be used to mount the handle.
  4. Secure the mounting bracket to the wall using screws and a screwdriver. If you are installing the handle onto drywall, it’s best to use wall anchors. 
  5. Attach the handle to the mounting bracket using nuts and bolts or screws and a screwdriver.
  6. Test the handle to ensure that it is securely mounted and that it provides adequate support when used. It should feel solid and immovable; if it shifts or jiggles, it has not been properly secured. 

If you are not comfortable completing this installation yourself, find a professional who specializes in installing grab bars to help you with this project. Look for a handyman or a licensed contractor when searching for professional help.

Even if you choose to install grab bars by yourself, it’s always a good idea to have a professional inspect them to ensure they’ve been attached to walls or other surfaces as securely as possible. 

Let Omicelo Health Help You with Grab Bars

Installing grab bars in the home provides many benefits for older residents who want to age in place and stay in their homes. Grab bars offer increased safety, improved mobility, and reduced risk of injury from falls. For more safety tips from Omicelo Health click here.

While grab bars are relatively simple to install, don’t hesitate to contact a professional to you with this project if you’re not confident in your abilities.

If you need assistance finding help, sourcing or choosing the right equipment, or even locating financial support for home modifications, please contact the team at Omicelo Health. We’re here to help homeowners remain healthy and independent by making their homes safer and more secure.

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