Mobility Lifts

Types of Mobility Lifts

Vertical Platform Lift (VPL)

Elevates a person or wheelchair up short distances.

Overhead Lift

Prevent injury with a ceiling, wall, or free standing overhead lift system.

Inclined Platform Lift (IPL)

Access stairs or multiple levels with an indoor wheelchair platform lift.

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Mobility Lifts to Navigate Your Home

The Basics of Mobility Lifts

Products called “mobility lifts” or “wheelchair lifts” include a variety of mechanical devices that raise and lower you to different levels in your home. They can take you safely up and down stairs, onto platforms, porches, and landings, or in and out of tubs and beds.

Mobility lifts are available for indoor or outdoor use. Standard lifts can manage up to 750 pounds. They can be self-operated or used with the assistance of a caregiver.

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