Dedicated Construction Group

Omicelo Construction Group

We believe in the power of homes, health, and wealth to be foundational for thriving communities.

Whether we’re installing home modifications or finding innovative mobility solutions, Omicelo Construction Group plays a key role in that process.

Omicelo believes that a person’s home is the foundation to one’s health. Whether owned or rented, your home connects you to your family and community. If your goal is to stay or age in place, Omicelo Construction Group can help design a plan with you that identifies the physical updates that will help you navigate your home environment with added safety and comfort. Each plan is tailored to your specific needs. and your environment.

Over 1,000+ Quality Home Modifications

Omicelo Construction Group is a licensed contractor, having performed more than 1,000 home modifications. Our staff undergo background checks and are factory certified to install stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, shower systems, TubCuts, etc. We also believe our work extends beyond the installation. We conduct quality checks to ensure you are happy with the installation.

What Does Omicelo Construction Do?

As the contracting arm of Omicelo, our construction division oversees our home renovation and modification projects. The team is comprised of highly experienced construction professionals who are committed to quality, outstanding customer service, and an unrelenting dedication to Omicelo’s mission.

We provide home assessments, develop scopes of work, prepare bids, obtain permits and variances if needed, schedule our installation team, and conduct quality reviews to ensure the modification installed meets your expectations.

How Can Omicelo Construction Help You?

If you or someone you know is unable to independently and safely live in their home, based on their healthcare benefits, they may be a candidate for a home modification. Find out today if you qualify by contacting the team at Omicelo.

If you are a contractor, health insurer, non-profit or an interested party, we’d love to hear from you, too. Let’s talk together about how we can strengthen communities and provide much-needed assistance to homeowners in your area.