Our History

Omicelo Health began with a vision —

The idea that investing in real estate needed a more holistic approach, especially in neighborhoods that were at risk of significant change.

How can we keep established communities intact? Is it possible to bring positive economic change to communities while keeping homeowners in their neighborhoods? While keeping families together? Can we find ways to make communities stronger and more sustainable?

We knew the answers to those questions were an overwhelming yes. And in order to make it possible, we needed to bring the right people together.

Giving Communities a Fresh Start

Joshua Pollard is an investor who believes in that vision. As a real estate and financial management expert, Joshua had been responsible for housing research at Goldman Sachs. He knew that with the right partners and processes in place, he and others could make a profound difference in the lives of countless people who want to stay in their homes.

In 2014, Joshua founded Omicelo as a mission driven investment firm. Shortly thereafter, Kathy Feeney and Jeffrey Wilde joined the team, bringing their unique financial and real estate expertise. Joshua, Kathy and Jeffrey believed that an innovative, well-rounded method of investing in communities was possible.

The team outlined three core areas in which they would invest and coined it as Home | Health | Wealth. Omicelo funds and partners with companies in real estate, healthcare and finance with a focus on closing the wealth gap.

Combining the disciplines of wealth, health, and real estate, Omicelo created a life-giving hub of relief for communities throughout Pennsylvania. As an organization committed to keeping people in their homes while providing much-needed healthcare and mobility support, Omicelo began forging new paths to financial security and stability.

Omicelo Health

One of the earliest investments of Omicelo was the seed capital for Omicelo Health, a company dedicated to its mission: improving health by improving homes. Our main objective is to provide home modifications that allow residents to stay in place and age in place in their own homes.

We know from experience that when people are able to remain in their homes, their communities are stronger. So when residents face physical limitations due to age, injury, or illness, their houses need to be upgraded to provide a safe environment. Omicelo coordinates financial assistance and building modifications to allow them to live comfortably and independently in their beloved homes.

With more than 50 years of real estate expertise from world-class institutions our team is able to bring together fresh perspectives and experiences to find new solutions for more sustainable communities.

Everyone Wins with Omicelo Health

We aim to provide affordable and sustainable health improvements within the home environment while keeping the community spirit alive in community members’ hearts. Omicelo Health is able to strengthen neighborhoods and improve their stability. And that translates to resilience and longevity for individuals, homeowners, families, communities, and the healthcare system.

Everyone wins.

Omicelo takes advantage of technology and our deep network throughout the real estate and financial industries. We partner with community organizations, corporations, and government agencies to raise the expectations of success for everyone.

We’re a mission-focused, minority- and woman-owned organization with a hybrid for-profit/non-profit structure. Together, we can pioneer new levels of corporate responsibility that benefit governments, foundations, businesses, and homeowners.