Regardless of your age or circumstances, you should be able to continue to enjoy your home freely and safely. Home modifications can not only keep you safe and mobile at home but also doing those things you enjoy.  Determining what home modifications are right for you 

can be easy when you start with an accessibility checklist like the one below. 

Accessibility and Home Modifications

The goal of accessibility home modifications is to give you the freedom to safely move throughout your house and go into the community for the activities you need and love to do. Most people can find solutions that can make this happen, and organizations like Omicelo Health can assist you along the way. 

You can find a long list of products and services that can make living in your home easier and more care-free. From simple changes such as adding grab bars to your bathroom to more complex enhancements like stair lifts, home modifications come in a wide variety of options designed to help you stay mobile and independent. 

Accessibility Checklist

A great place to start is by personally assessing your living space to determine any potential problems or obstacles to you and your family’s safety. After your review, you can then begin the process of finding practical solutions to overcome those challenges. When evaluating your home for potential home modifications, be thorough and honest about what changes may need to be made. Use the following checklist to pinpoint specific problem areas. It’s not an exhaustive list of every possible issue, but it covers the most common challenges residents may find in their homes.  


• Are your bathrooms equipped with grab bars to help with stability in or near the following locations: shower, bathtub, and toilet.

• Can everyone in the home reach and adjust faucets and shower controls? 

• Do you need an adjustable height shower head? 

• Are the floors slip free? 

• Do you have any trouble maneuvering in or out of your shower or bathtub? 

• Do you need any adjustments to accommodate a wheelchair? 

• Is toilet paper easy to reach? 

• Are there any exposed hot water pipes? 

• Is there adequate lighting? 

• Do your toilets need a higher seat? Do any toilets need a bidet? 


• Are your walkways clear and free from obstacles?  Are they slippery?

• Do you need support walking through any doorways or up or down steps? 

• Are all areas well lit (and easy to light) at night?

• Are you able to easily lock and secure your home? 

• Do you need lights or sounds to enhance your doorbell? 

• Can you access your mail without any obstacles? 

• Is any landscaping hindering your ability to enter or exit the home?


• Are all stairs free of clutter and have non-slip surfaces?

• Does anyone in your home have difficulty going up or down stairs? Do you need a stairlift?

• Do any of your stairs need rails? 

• Are there any changes (either visual or textural) in the flooring at the top or bottom of the stairs?


• Is your kitchen well lit with easy-to-reach light switches? 

• Are the sinks and counters an appropriate height? 

• Are the essential kitchen items (food, dishes, utensils, etc.) accessible in the drawers and cabinets? 

• Do you need any pull-out or adjustable shelves? 

• Can you maneuver a hot stove without any danger? 

• Is there adequate counter space? 

• Do you need any step stools or grab bars in the kitchen? 

• Do you need any accessible appliances? 


• Can you move around the entire house freely without any obstacles? 

• Are the hallways and doorways wide enough for a wheelchair? 

• Do you need any door levels to replace knobs? 

• Do any doors swing the wrong way? 

• Are there any floor level changes that are difficult to maneuver (such as slopes or steps)? 

• Are your floors slip free? 

• Are windows easy to open and close? Are they lockable? 

• Are curtains and blinds fully functional and easy to adjust? 

• Can you access all the utilities in the home, including circuit breakers, water main, and internet devices? 

• Do you need any touch-free switches or controls? 

• Are the home’s thermostat controls working and easy to adjust? 

• Do you have safety features in place such as fire extinguishers and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? 

Living Space

• Are there any loose rugs that need to be secured? 

• Are all electric wall outlets and phone jacks safe, functioning, and easy to access? 

• Are the floor surfaces level and uniform? 

• Do you need any assistance sitting or standing anywhere in your home (such as a living room chair)?

• Are your closets safe and accessible? Do they need to be resized or reconfigured? 

• Are lamps and light switches easy to access everywhere in the home? Do they work and provide sufficient light? 

• Do you need chairs with armrests? Do you need beds with rails? 

• Are there any electrical cords that could be a tripping or fire hazard? 

How Omicelo Health Can Help

At Omicelo Health, we work with you to find the best personal solutions for safety and mobility.  Your health and your home are directly related, so take the necessary steps to ensure both are optimized for your life. With the right modifications, you can age in place and remain connected to your community. 

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