Exterior handrails provide support and stability to help us move through our day. From guiding your steps on staircases to ensuring a secure grip along outdoor walkways, handrails prevent falls and promote peace of mind for seniors and their loved ones. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at the importance of exterior handrails and how they help homeowners maintain a safe and accessible living environment.

Creating a Safer Home With Exterior Handrails

According to the National Library of Medicine, 38.8% of men’s and 28.4% of women’s falls occurred outside. The study also found that falls are most likely to happen on stairs, whether inside or outside the home. If you don’t have them already, handrails are essential for safely using all indoor and outdoor stairs.

Homeowners can avoid falls by making adjustments to their living environment. Installing exterior handrails is a proactive way to enhance the safety of your property. Aging at home means you remain in your personal space — and it’s vital that the space is safe, comfortable and conducive to your changing needs.

Benefits of Exterior Handrails  

Adding exterior handrails promotes aging in place at home, with benefits such as:

Reduces the Risk of Falls

A safe home is essential for older homeowners as the likelihood of experiencing accidents or falls increases with age. The good news is that falls are preventable. Exterior handrails reduce the risk of falls by helping those with mobility limitations maintain their balance. 

Inspires Independent Living

Handrails offer stability and support for elderly homeowners and can give them the confidence to walk independently. A restored sense of confidence can encourage seniors to spend more time outdoors practicing hobbies, exercising or relaxing. 

Spend Time Outside the Home

The proper precautions can allow aging people to navigate outdoor spaces safely. With exterior handrails, seniors can spend more time outside and experience health benefits such as less anxiety and depression and increased energy and vitamin D levels. 

Exterior Handrail Ideas for Homeowners

Exterior handrails are versatile, allowing you to install them in various locations outside your home, such as: 

  • Outdoor stairs
  • Driveway
  • Pool Deck
  • Garden walkway
  • Patios and porches

How Much Do Exterior Handrails Cost?

With exterior handrails, seniors have something sturdy to hold on to in the event of a slip or fall. You can have handrails installed in various areas outside the house. Depending on the location and materials, exterior handrails can be quite affordable, starting at $275 in some areas. 

We recommend professional installation services over do-it-yourself projects to ensure the user’s safety. Omicelo Health can help you find exterior handrail installers near you.

Aging Safely With Help From Omicelo Health

Omicelo Health offers services to plan life-changing aging-in-place renovations. From finding contractors through final construction, our team is here so you can age safely at home. 

When you’re ready to start aging-in-place modifications, we’re here to help make it happen (and keep it within budget, of course). Contact us today to learn more about exterior handrail installations.