As your loved ones enter their senior years, you may need to consider remodeling their home to adapt to their new living needs. You’ll want to make this home remodel as welcoming, comfortable, and safe as possible. 

Our goal is to share affordable solutions for varying income levels so that all seniors can pursue a safer and more independent life. Even though many changes to the home have a cost, some of our suggestions below act as free home repair advice with quick ways to make a home more accommodating for your loved ones.

Where Are They Comfortable?

When remodeling for family members, consider where they are most comfortable. Some people may not want to or feel comfortable moving around as much. Most prefer to be in their existing home and be comfortable as they enjoy their lives. 

So, when choosing whether to remodel their home, move them to yours, or move them closer, consider what they want. Their emotions and comfort will significantly affect their health and overall well-being.

Why Do They Need a Home Remodel? 

Before entirely remodeling their whole home, consider what new accommodations they need. Do they need help walking or standing? Do they need help remembering to take their medication? Do they use a cane or walker now?

Depending on your answer to these questions, their needs will vary. 

Home Repairs and Modifications for Seniors Walking with a Walker or Cane

If your parents are now walking with a walker or cane, there are a few accommodations to implement:

Widen Doorways

This will give them more space to walk through with either a walker, cane, or wheelchair. 

Remove Rugs

Rugs can be the culprit of causing seniors to either slip or get their walker or cane caught on the rug. Either implement slip-guards on all rugs or remove rugs entirely from the house.  

Tuck Away Cords

Oxygen or IV tubing, electronic cables, chargers, or any other type of cord can cause tripping hazards catching on feet or walkers/canes. 

Repair Assistance for Seniors Who Need Help Walking

Install Railings

Railings will help seniors conquer stairs on their own once more. 

Install a Stairway Lift

Sometimes older adults only need help with stairs. A stairway lift will be an excellent investment if this is the case. 

Install a Wheelchair Ramp

Even if your parents aren’t in a wheelchair, sometimes these ramps make it easier to walk to a porch or a door. 

Home Improvements for Seniors Who Need More Monitoring

Move Them In

Sometimes, despite your parents wanting to remain at their home, they need day-to-day assistance. In this case, moving them into your home might be the best option.

Create a Check-In Schedule

If you decide it’s best to keep your parents at home, create a schedule for family members to make regular check-ins with your parents. Consider having someone check in during the morning, afternoon, and night. It may be necessary to have someone there to help them wake up and go to bed. 

Hire a Part-Time or Full-Time Caregiver

In addition to the schedule, you could hire a part-time caregiver to check in on your parents in the morning and night, so you only need to stop by in the afternoons. Or, consider a full-time caregiver so you can stop by for friendly visits. 

Know What They Need in Their Home Remodeling Program 

Determining where to begin with a home remodeling program for seniors may initially feel overwhelming, at Omicelo Health we’re here to help you every step of the way. We will ensure that your parents can age in place in a comfortable and safe home. Contact Us here