When you use a wheelchair to get around, you know how challenging it can be — even in your own home. Steps, thresholds, and narrow passageways can be a barrier to living a life independently, safely, and comfortably. 

Thank goodness for wheelchair ramps and ramp platforms! They serve a vital role in improving accessibility and are essential installations in homes, public buildings, and other facilities where individuals with mobility challenges need to move around with ease. For homeowners, these ramps can significantly enhance the quality of life for wheelchair users in the household, allowing optimum mobility.

Let’s take a closer look at wheelchair ramp platforms, their benefits, and what it takes to install one or more in your home. 

What Is a Wheelchair Ramp Platform?

A wheelchair ramp is a sloping surface designed to help wheelchair users move between different levels of a building. A wheelchair ramp platform is a flat, level surface that is used to provide a stable transition from the ramp to the next level. They are typically used at the top or bottom of a wheelchair ramp to provide a safe and accessible resting place for users to maneuver their wheelchairs.

Wheelchair ramp platforms are typically made of durable materials such as aluminum or steel and are designed to withstand heavy use. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different needs and can be customized to fit just about any building configuration, indoors or out.

Benefits of Having a Wheelchair Ramp Platform at Home

Installing a wheelchair ramp platform in your home comes with several life-changing benefits. A well-designed ramp can make it possible for individuals in wheelchairs to navigate steps, thresholds, and other elevation changes independently.

Wheelchair ramps provide a safer living environment. They reduce the risk of falls or accidents when wheelchair users try to navigate steps or uneven surfaces. Platforms are especially helpful in situations where space or maneuverability is limited or where the ramp length is particularly long.

They also foster independence for wheelchair users. With a ramp platform, individuals can move around their homes without needing constant assistance from others. This allows users to remain in their homes longer, which is good for their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Factors to Consider When Installing a Ramp and Platform

When planning to install a wheelchair ramp or ramp platform at your home, keep in mind the following considerations as you make your home modification plans.

• Assess the available space in your home. The size, design, and slope of the ramp will depend on how much room you have.

• Understand the needs of the wheelchair user, including their physical strength, the type of wheelchair they use, and their daily routines.

• Consider the ramp’s material, design, slope, and size to make sure it’s functional, durable, and safe.

• Follow all legal requirements and standards for wheelchair ramp platforms. A professional contractor can ensure your installation is compliant with building codes and regulations.

Types of Wheelchair Ramps Suitable for Homes

Homeowners can choose from several types of wheelchair ramps that are suitable for homes.  Not all ramps have a platform.  

Portable Ramps

Portable ramps are lightweight and can be moved around easily. They are ideal for temporary use, for homes where space is limited, or when budget is a factor.  Portable ramps will not have a platform.  

Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps help wheelchair users navigate doorways or small steps and are usually smaller and more compact than other ramps and also would not have a platform

Modular Ramps

Modular or permanent ramps, usually made from durable materials like wood or metal, are built into the home’s structure and are a more long-term solution. These ramps can be of varying lengths and use platforms to provide the user a place to rest and navigate turns in the ramping system.  

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